The Devil's DragonbyJason F Boggs

The Devil's Dragon

Par Jason F Boggs

  • Date de publication: 2016-12-29
  • Genre: Action et aventure

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Whose side will you be on?
An epic fantasy drama set eighty years in the future, told surrounding the development and ultimately the outcome of the Aesini war as seen through the eyes of Nelson Jones, a young and gifted military cadet whose rise through the ranks in the fascist new world order known as the "New Era" reveals to him through his experiences the true nature of humanity, both good and evil. Nelson is on a journey of self discovery and is forced to confront his values and his world view to make difficult choices. The story is also intimately told from the perspective of multiple players on both sides of the conflict. This is the first book of a story driven trilogy in a universe that's as rich and compelling as other major franchises.
Whose side will you be on? You may be surprised with yourself.

I like this but feel free to change it. The humans are the bad guys, but not all are bad, there is a small faction of resistance. The Aesini are the good guys but they are lead by Seghol, an evil dictator hell bent on power. TDD is basically a scenario whereby a massive crisis (chemical bombardment of the earth by aliens) leads to the death of hundreds of millions of people. This brings about the rise of a single world government headed by a charismatic President Jacob Freeman (the devil figure), this "new era" wishes to wipe out the Aesini menace. The protagonist, Nelson Jones is a young military cadet indoctrinated into the ranks of this new world order and he experiences several atrocities against the Aesini aliens and injustices against himself causing him to switch sides near the end, joining forces with an Aesini saviour figure called Alene. He joins the rebels against both regimes (human and Aesini). He finds out that Seghol and Freeman are in collusion towards a common goal and must destroy them if there is any hope of salvation for both peoples. The main antagonist (Ira Bilis) turns out to be the namesake of the title, she becomes the devil's dragon which is a metaphor and escapes, setting up a sequel.

That's a single paragraph to grossly summarise an epic story, of course, it is far more complex than this.